Welcome to the Podcasting for the ESL-EFL classsroom Activities


This blog has been set up to provide an easy way to do your activities for this session and become familiar with tools that will help you create your own podcasts.


1. From the Podcasting for the EFL-ESL classroom official blog. You will find a link after each overall week description.
2. By saving this blog to your Favorite web browser. You can also save it in a social boomarking tool of your choice like Diigo or Delicious.
3. By typing http://podcastingevo2011activities.blogspot.com in the web browser address.
1. Work at your own pace. There is no rush. You have a whole week to do your activities.
2. There will be about 5 or 6 activities per week. We advise you to do each activity in a orderly fashion. However, you can always skip or start with the activity you feel most comfortable with.
3. You can always go back and check previous weeks to remember the basics for podcasting or recommended tools.
4. Contact your tutors, if instructions are not clear or need support to do activites set by tutors per week.

1. You don´t have to read all the recommended readings per week. Readings will help you for discussions or the design of your own podcasts projects during week 4 and 5, though.
2. You can contribute to add more readings to this session.

We hope you learn and have fun from these activies plan for the Podcasting for the EFL-ESL session. 
Evelyn Izquierdo, José Rodríguez & Miguel Mendoza

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