Week 2:What is podcasting?

(January 17th -23rd)

During this week will define what podcasting and podcasts are, set up Audacity, record our voice, export file as mp3 and publish as podcast. We will also explore web-based recorders, hosting sites and other voice tools. 
Please, follow the instructions to complete each task.

Defining Podcasting and Podcasts

1. Go to our weekly reading blog and read the articles recommended for Week 2.
2. After reading the articles, make reflections and answer the quiz. 
3. Participate in the forum. Post your reflections at the bottom of the week 2 page, on the same  reading blog.

Creating your own podcast

Preparing yourself to record your voice with Audacity

Audacity is a popular free software used for recording and editing audio files (podcasts). Here`s the first tutorial showing you where to download Audacity and the LAME MP3 encoder.

1. Watch this tutorial:

Set up Audacity, record and export

3. Have a look at the following tutorial showing the basics for recording an audio file using Audacity.

2. Make sure you know where you saved the LAME MP3 encoder. You will need it ONLY when exporting as MP3 your first podcast. Here´s a tutorial showing you in detail how to use this encoder:

3. Now it is time for you to record your first podcast. 
a. Go to Audacity and record an audio file about yourself. Similar to the one recorded in the video tutorial for the Lame MP3 encoder. It shouldn’t last more than 2 minutes. 
b. Once it is recorded, save it. If it is your first time recording in Audacity remember you have to choose “Export as MP3” and find the LAME MP3 encoder
c. When your podcast is ready, upload it to your glog. Watch this tutorial to do so. 

4. Now go to the Poster Presentation Google Doc
5. Choose at least two of your colleagues and click on the URLs. 
6. Listen to their podcasts and write where they work in the Google doc. You can only choose those where they have no answer yet. If the glogs you choose have no audio file yet, you can contact your colleagues by mail and let them know you would like to listen to their podcast in their glogs.

Using Web-based recorders

Recording and publishing a podcast in Podomatic

A. Recording and Publishing

1. Listen to the following tutorial. We will show you how to record and publish a podcast using Podomatic.

2.   Now record your own podcast. Your podcast will be similar to the one shown in the video tutorial. You will call it “Out my Window”. (Adapted from Valentina Dodge's activity: My Window my World).
3.   Take a snap picture from the place where you live. Similar to the one shown in the video. Save it to your computer.
4.   Sign up to Podomatic and follow the steps shown in the video:
a.   Write title and description
b.   Record description
c.   Upload picture taken from your place
d.   Tag as Podcasting2011
e.   Review and publish

5.   Go to the Links area in our Yahoo Group and click on the folder My Podcast on Podomatic.
6. Click on "Add a link"

a.  In Title type “Out my Window
b.  In Description, write your name
c.  In URL, paste your Podcast URL for the recording you made in Podomatic.

B. Commenting on your colleagues' podcasts

1.  Go to the Links area in our Yahoo Group and click on the folder My Podcast in Podomatic.
2.  Choose at least to colleagues and listen to their recordings.
3.  Write a comment in their podcast page.

Publishing your mp3 file to create a podcast

Once you have recorded your voice and exported the file with Audacity as an mp3 file, you need to publish it to make it a podcast. 

1. Go to Podbean and sign up.
2Follow the instructions given in this tutorial to upload your mp3 file recorded with Audacity and publish it on Podbean.

3. Once your mp3 file has been uploaded and published, share your Podcast URL on our Yahoo Group in the Podbean folder.
a. Go to the Links Area and click on My Podbean folder
b. Click on Add link
c. In Title, write "My first Podbean"
c. In Description, write your name
d. In URL, your Podbean URL.

Blogging: Getting ready for Week 3

You are going to need a blog that allows you to add pages in a horizontal fashion. You can do that in Blogger and Wordpress. You will use this blog for showcasing your podcasts and project during the Podcasting Fair at the end of this session. It should have the following pages: (1) About me, (2) My Podcasts and (3) My Podcast project. You will only do this for this week: add pages to your blog.

1. Watch the following tutorial showing you how to add these pages to your blog in Blogger.

2, Start thinking about the content you would like to add to the About me page. It should have a brief description about you and your teaching context. You will embed your Glogster there. Don´t write this on your blog yet. You can write it down in Word or any other text editor. Save it for next week.

3. Once your blog is ready, go to or Yahoo group.

4. Go to the Links area and click on My podcast folder.

5. Click on Add link
a. In Title, write the name of your blog
b. In Description, write your name
c. In URL, Your Blog URL.

To wrap up this week watch this video on Podcasting.


  • watched "Podcasting in Plain English" video
  • read the required readings and taken a  quiz
  • recorded an audio file in Audacity and used the LAME MP3 encoder
  • uploaded the Audacity audio to Glogster and Podbean
  • recorded and published an audio file on Podomatic
  • started setting up your blog for week 3
You can write questions or comments about this week below.

Second live session recording


  1. Hi!!!!
    I've been awfullu busy with classes & am starting to try and catch up!
    I have got rid of my old audacity because i had a problem with it & downloaded the new one but the problem is still there!
    When i try to record myself it says:
    " Error while opening sound device. please check the input device settings and the project sample rate."
    Can anyone translate that into understandable English please?
    I don't have a clue what is wrong with that...

    I could not watch the last 2 tutorials of activity 2 either.

    Thanks for being so kind, helpful & knowledgeable!!! :)



  2. PS: like Yuli, i love the tasks & tutorials I've watched!!!:)
    Thanks a bunch!!:)
    I've had a look at the reading list & the further radings & they all seem awesome!!! thanks!!!:)

  3. Mariel. It is the first I read about this message in Audacity. It seems to be a common problem, though. I did some research and found this solution. Let´s see if it works for you: "Open Audacity, go to Edit > Preferences > Audio I/O. In the upper left hand corner of the window, you will see a section labelled, "Playback". Click on the pull-down menu beside Devices and choose "ALSA default."

  4. I have to go to school but i'll try tonight! thanks a lot dear Miguel!:)

  5. Hi again!
    I tried but as it is in French, it's hard to do what you said.
    I tried to download Audacity in English, but to no avail.
    I got to the preferences bit but then could not find an equivalent to "audio I/O". & no menu to pull down with devices. I tried eveything.

    It's so frustrating as i really need to make it work! :)


  6. Hi,
    At last, I have completed all of these activities. I'm very happy to use all these tools and I'm waiting for more and more with you.

    See you!

  7. Marie,

    Are you using a MAC? Let´s see if José can help you here a bit.


  8. I think I've finally done everything! These were great tasks, as others have said. The video tutorials are wonderful. They lead us step by step through tasks which would otherwise be very confusing. Thanks to all the mods for doing such a great job!

  9. Hi!!!!
    No Miguel , I'm using a PC. I've tried on another one at home & it's not saying the same error message but not working either: the lines are horizontal instead of going up & down...

    thanks for your help!!!!:)

  10. Hi,
    I did the recording in podOmatic, but I forgot to add my picture and by mistake I published it. Is there any way to edit it? If so, how? or at least can I delete it and do it again even though published?
    Please help me!

  11. Hi Johanna,

    Yes, you can. Please, follow the following steps:

    Step 1.

    Step 2.

    I hope that this would be helpful.


  12. Hi Marie. It seems to be it has got to do with the settings of your PC/Laptop sound devices. I sent an SOS to José to see if he can help us here.

  13. Thanks Azhar!!!You helped me a lot! I could edited it! :o)

  14. thanks Miguel!
    I tried to download audacity on our 2nd PC & on our laptop but there's the same error message:
    error while opening sound device. + Please check the input device settings & the project sample rate...
    it's ununderstandabloe to me, unfortunately...
    tjanks for helping!!:)
    I've just completed the 1st task!!!!!!!
    i've NEVER
    had so little time in my life & keep trying to do everything!! :)
    Take care!

  15. Great! managed to do all tasks before the session. This week has been so busy that I only could start the tasks today. Totally enjoyed it! Great tutorials, so clear! See you soon in WIZIQ!

  16. hooray i finished all the tasks. thank you guys for the great tutorials that gave support and easy to follow steps. i want to learn how to put together something like this for my students.Congratulations to the moderators podcasting 2011 rocks!

  17. Great & thanks!!! Week 2 is on its way=)

  18. What a great week. I had to catch up. The tutorials were great!! I need very detailed instructions when it is new to me and this is just what you provided. I'd love to learn how to do these tutorials for my students too.