Week 1: Getting Started

(January 10th-January 16th)

This week will help us get to know each other and become familiar with basic communication tools we will use all along this session. Please, follow the instructions to complete each task.

Exploring Web tools

1. Sign up to each of the following tools.
2. Explore each one of them. In the Tool column, you can click on each link to sign up and explore each tool. If you already have signed up to these tools, you will be half-way through the tasks for this week. :)

Yahoo GroupDiscussion / Tool inquiries / Comments / Feedback
*SkypeIndividualized support
**BloggerPortal / Activities / Projects
VoicethreadAssess learning
Group meetings
Group meetings
VoxopopShare expectations
TwitterSharing / inquiriesSharing / inquiries
GlogsterPoster presentation

* Skype: It requires downloading 
** Blog: We suggest Blogger to work on your projects during the session. You can use others like Wordpress and Posterous, though.

Creating a Glogster

1. Go to Glogster and create your account.
2. Create a poster about yourself.
3. Add photos, images, text and videos that reflect who you are as a person and teacher. Do not add any sound yet. We will go back to this poster during week 2 and add an audio file. Follow this example: My Glog,

Here´s a tutorial on how to add images, text, videos and tweak your glogster wall:

4. Share your poster. Write your name and paste your poster presentation URL in the Poster Presentation Google Doc. Don´t forget to save.
5. Comment on your peers' posters. Choose one or two posters and write comments in the Poster Presentation Google Doc under the column Comments.

Adding yourself to the map

2. Scroll down until you get to the Guest Map. 
3. Add your name to the map. Follow this tutorial.

Answering the survey

1. Go to this Surveymonkey.
2. Answer each question.

Recording your expectations

1. Go to Voxopop.
2. Record your expectations. Follow the steps below. Click on the image to enlarge.


Searching and sharing Podcast sites

1. Go to the Google Form Podcast websites.
2. Read the question and fill in the form. 

  • signed up and explored web tools 
  • made your poster presentation
  • read at least two poster presentations and commented about them
  • added yourself to the Guest map 
  • answered the survey 
  • recorded expectations 
  • searched and shared Podcast websites 
1. No readings for this week.
2. You can write questions or comments about this week below.

Live session recording - Week 1 meeting on WiZiQ


  1. Why in Google Docs only the word "obligatoire" is in French? Also, when you hit send you see above the French word "merci".Rachid

  2. Hi Rachi. I believe you are talking about activity 2. Google Doc is a tool we can use to share and work collaboratively. You don’t have to hit Send". You only have to save. Most of the time it even does the saving thing automatically.

  3. I have done all the six activities. I am used to all the tools except Ustream and voxopop. Thank you for your help and guidance, Miguel.
    Best regards!

  4. Hi Choiku. Great!!!! Just had a peek at your Glog...Looks great...Wonderful poem BTW!:)

  5. Hi!
    I've been visiting some glogs today and they all look fantastic!!! Wendy, Phil, María Laura, Yarly, Chris, Mariel, Chaouki, Teadira, Jeanne, congratulations!!! Imagine how great they will become when you can add them your own voice in week 2. Keep on working, you are doing a fabulous job!

    Those who haven't started it yet, cheer up!

  6. Dear friends, regards from EGYPT, I am very happy cause it is my first e-course. I am really happy for the great effort done by the moderators. I am working on my assignment hope that I can reach it on time. wait for me I am Commmmmming :)

  7. Hi! I've done most of the activities and I've learnt some new things. It's great to share all this useful information. I knew all the tools but upstream. As for podcasts, I'm learning a lot, from installing Audacity to solving technical stuff. I've been visiting most of the glogs, great job!!

  8. Happy to know that, María Laura. That's the reason why I've been joining EVO sessions since 2005. It's amazing all what we learn both as a participant and as a session moderator. Keep on shining, you are doing a great job!!! :-)

  9. I've finished the last activity and am looking forward to the synchronous session at WiZiQ tomorrow.

  10. Almost finished my first week assignments. Still have to do the recording about expectations. Will do it later in the evening or early next morning when there is less background noise. Enjoyed much working on my glog and looking at other glogs. Meet you at WIZIQ later.

  11. Great Meeri and Nina...See you at WiziQ=)

  12. Hi!
    What time is the meeting today?

  13. Hi, I was a little nervous gettting started with the glog and don't really have any video to share. I guess I can start recording experiences with my students. I learned from the experience. Thanks so much

  14. I've done all the activities for week 1 all day long. What a great sunday ;) Learned a lot today.
    Thanks to you all

  15. Susan nice start adding pictures and text to your glog.Love it!

  16. It is great to read you had a great Sunday doing the activities for Week 1. Week 2 activities on its way:)

  17. Hi everybody,

    I have completed all the activities of week 1. I have learned many things and tried many tools. I'm so glad to meet and work with such smart people and I'm very eager to start the second week.

    Thanks so much for my moderators.You did great job.

  18. Great Azhar...and there`s more to come!!!:)

  19. Hi everybody!

    I'm so sorry I couldn't attend the very first live session - I'm actually very behind schedule, I know - but I'll catch up, for sure.
    Nice to meet you all!
    Greetings from Brazil,


  20. Hi Claudia. Are you the same CLaudia I met as a tutor in the Yes! Courses from Brazil?

  21. Hi everyone!

    I'm a little behind on this first week, but almost caught up. Enjoying hearing everyone's expectations for the course and seeing your glogs. I tried recording my expectations through voxopop, but it seems it doesn't support my version of Mac OSX. I'd love to share it with you all, but it doesn't look like Voxopop is too friendly to newer Mac users :(

    Best wishes,


  22. I loved this week activities and the flexibility that the program offers :)

  23. My skype is roberts_rae