Week 5: Rounding off

(February 7th-February 13th)

This week, we will focus on your podcast project and e-portfolio (blog) to showcase what you have done in the podcasting for the ESL-EFL classroom session. Also, You will become familiar with Itunes. To finish this session, you will provide feedback and say goodbye by sharing virtual presents.

Learning about podcasting with Wesly Fryer

1. Go to our weekly reading blog.

 Becoming familiar with Itunes

Itunes is one of the most popular podcatchers to download podcasts ( audio and  video). Most audio and videos are free. Some of them like music are paid. In Itunes, you can find excellent “authentic” or “EFL/ESL material to use in class. Before you watch this tutorial, do the following:
1) download Itunes
2) Open Itunes.
3) Listen to Russelll Stunnard and try to follow his instructions on how to use Itunes.
4) Explore and let us know in comments what your experience was and if you see in Itunes a potential repository of ESL-EFL material to develop listening and speaking in class. This screencast has been recorded by Russell Stunnard. He has a website on wonderful tutorials related to web tools and ELT.
Click on Russel Stunnard´s picture to go to this tutorial on Itunes.

Promoting your blog for the podcasting fair

This week you will record a podcast promoting your blog and share the blog link in Twitter, Facebook or any other network you are part of. You will also invite people to attend our last live session (February 12th) in ESL-EFL Worldbridges moderated by Jeff Lebov, José Rodríguez, Evelyn Izquierdo and Miguel Mendoza.
1. Record a podcast similar to this one:

Podcast Powered By Podbean
Here´s the script:

3. Follow these steps to record your promotional audio. Click on the image to enlarge.

4. Embed this audio in the podcast project page in your blog like this:

 Note: You can click on the image to go to this page.  

2. Spread the word in your network with a message similar to this one:

Here´s an invitation to visit my blog (http://tellit2011.blogspot.com/) created for the Podcasting for theESL-EFL classroom EVO session 2011.

Tweaking your blog

1. Embed the audio you recorded about yourself  in the About me page of your blog as shown in the picture. This is the same audio file you added to your glog in week 2.


Note: You can click on the image to go to this page.

2. Keep in mind that your blog should only have the following pages: About me page, My podcasts page and the project page. Review tutorials Adding pages to Blogger  and Adding content to your blog  .

3. Optional: Add a picture that´s related to your podcast project as shown in the picture:

 Voicethread: Session Feedback

Since this is week 5, it is time to let us know what you think about the Podcasting for ESL-EFL Classroom session. Your feedback is important to the moderators and the people behind EVO2011 to offer this session again in this free annual event sponsored by TESOL CALL-IS. Follow these instructions to give us your feedback:
  1. Create an account in Voicethread and upload your profile picture.
  2. Get prepared your PC/laptop/Mac audio settings.
  3. Click on the image below to listen to our intro message:

  1. Now, click on the “record” button, record your comment and click on “stop recording” when ready.
  2. Wait some seconds while the audio is retrieved.
  3. Click on “save” if you like your audio or “cancel” to record again.
  4. Click on the “play” button to listen to the recording.

 Virtual presents

It is always sad to say goodbye when you have enjoyed so much working with such enthusiastic crowd. We hope we can keep in touch or share in some other sessions in the future, though. Now what a better way to say goodbye than sharing a virtual present with your colleagues. So, go to our Wallwisher and share a video, poem, picture whatever you would like to share to say goodbye in this session.

1. Watch this tutorial on how to add your gift:

2. Click here to go to Wallwisher and add your present. If you want your name to be displayed above your message, create your account on Wallwisher.

  Getting ready for the Podcasting fair

Watch this tutorial on how to have access to the new virtual venue we will be using for our last live session on Saturday 12th.

1. checked the reading session. 
2. become familiar with Itunes. 
3. recorded promo podcast for your blog. 
4. spread the word on your blog and the podcasting fair.
5. embedded a podcast about yourself in the About me page and a podcast promo in the podcast project page. 
6. become familiar with new online venue for last live session.


  1. Hi!!!:)
    I've watched Rusel Sunnard's video in i tunes & love it! It's made me discover a whole world of podcasts. I did not know how to use itunes properly. i just visited websites such as BBC4 & subscribed to podcasts that way!
    I had never heard of itukesU either.
    It's definitely a major tool for esl teachers & a fantastic podcast repository!
    THANKS SO MUCH!!!!:)
    Have a great day!!! :)

  2. Well, it is really great when you feel you can use a tool you had sort of put off because it looked intimidating or too complicated to use. Itunes is one of my favorites podcatchers to download videos and audio. Happy to know you love it now!Welcome to the club!=)

  3. I really like itunes, seems full of music, videos to download. Now, is it compulsory to enter your credit card number in order to create an account? This is what happened to me as I began loading my info.

  4. Yes, María Laura sometimes you feel like using your credit card..but you don´t have there´s fantastic material in the podcast session.

  5. There's certainly more on iTunes than I'd realized. Power search is a useful thing to learn about, and iTunes-U is new to me.

    Just have to find some time now to trawl through it all to find the stuff that could be useful ;)

  6. I am sure you will find quite useful free podcasts (audio & videos) for your students in Itunes.

  7. Thanks for the info Miguel!!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I join Mariel, Maria Laura and Chris in thanking you for introducing us to Russell Stunnard's teacher training tutorials and to the power search for itunes. I think a lot of us will spend the next months browsing through all the resources you've given us. Can't wait to start using some of the podcasting tools with my students!

  10. Hi again, I just needed a bit more patience with the Wallwisher page. At first it came up as an 'about blank' page, but when I tried again I noticed it was actually loading. Patience, patience....

  11. Hi Annie. Yes Wallwisher can take some time to load...But it is worth waiting...It is an interesting tool for sharing...

  12. Hi,
    I didn't know how great iTunes is...definitely I'll use it for my classes! Thanks for sharing this tool. :0)

  13. iTunes is like a buried treasure waiting to be discovered (and coincidentally, I just bought my very first iPod a week before EVO started!). I need to explore it a lot more.
    This week's tasks were fun. I finally got my virtual gift uploaded to WallWisher. I haven't perused the other gifts yet--that will have to wait. Next week will seem so strange without a list of podcasting tasks to accomplish!