Week 3: Planning podcasting projects

(January 24th-30th)

This week, we will learn more on Podcasting, edit audio files in Audacity, record Skype conversations with Mp3 Skype recorder, embed our podcasts into our blogs, and plan our podcast project.

Learning more about podcasting

1. Go to our weekly reading blog.

2. Read the articles recommended for Week 3, make reflections on the readings and answer the quiz.
3. Participate in the forum and post your comments at the bottom of the page.

Editing tricks using Audacity

Watch the following tutorials, explore Audacity and play around.These tutorials will help you when editing the conversation (or interview) you will record with the Skype MP3 Recorder.

1. Preparing Podcast for Publishing - exporting mp3 and adding id3 tags

2. Editing tools, effects and adding music to podcasts

Go back to these tutorials when editing your recording using MP3 SKype Recorder.

Exploring MP3 Skype Recorder

The Mp3 SKype Recorder is an automatic Skype call recording tool. You are going to learn how to record a conversation (or interview) using this software during this week.

Watch this tutorial:

2. Download the MP3 Skype Recorder here and install it on your computer/laptop.

Interview recorded with Mp3 Skype Recorder

By this time you should have already downloaded and installed Skype on your computer (Week 1-Activity 1).

1. Contact a colleague from this session or a friend and make a Skype Call.
2. Record a 3 minutes interview/conversation on any topic related to English language teaching or learning. 
3. Edit the recording:
    a. Add an intro jingle at the beginning and at the end of your podcast. You can download       music from DixCCMixter or Free Music Archive.      
    b. Give a name to your podcast.

     Your podcast should have the following suggested outline:

4. Export the mp3 file and host it on Podbean.
5.   Go to the Links area in our Yahoo Group and click on the folder My Skype MP3 recorder podcast. 
6. Click on "Add a link"
a.  In Title type “”
b.  In Description, write your name
c.  In URL, paste your Podcast URL for the recording you made in Podomatic.

Embedding your podcasts to your blog

This week you will add to your blog (the one you created last week in Blogger) the podcasts you have recorded so far (3):

1. The one you recorded in Audacity and uploaded to Podbean last week
2. The one you recorded in Podomatic last week.
3. The one you recorded using MP3 Skype Recorder.

To embed your podcast watch this tutorial:

Planning your project 

Before you start writing a draft for your podcast project, have a look a this tutorial. It may serve as inspiration for planning this project.

From this week on, you will start thinking about your podcast project. A project  you think can be suitable for your teaching context. So this week you will first sort of brainstorm what you would like to do and compare yours with your colleagues. To do that you will:

  1. Fill in a chart in a Google doc with: a) your name; b) podcast idea; c) podcast length; d) individual/ group work; e) one-off/ series of podcast (Dudeney & Hockly, 2007)
  2. Read some of your colleagues´ drafts and write comments about it.
Click here to see the Google doc.

This tutorial shows you how to add your chart to this document:

1. Done the weekly required readings 
2. Edited audio files using Audacity
3. Explored other audio recorders like MP3 Skype Recorder
4. Recorded a Skype interview/conversation with Mp3 Skype Recorder
5. Embedded your podcasts into your blog
6. Planned your podcast project

Note: You can write questions or comments about this week below.

Third Live Session - Week 3 meeting on WiZiQ


  1. I really like that your readings are very straight to the point with ideas and tips for beginners. I also learned a lot about audacity. I've already used Audacity, but I was not familiar with the tools you showed in the tutorials. I am almost done with the tasks for this week, however I am afraid I am not going to be able to record the interview through skype since the mp3 recorder does not work in Macs. Any ideas?

  2. Hi!!!
    Thanks a lot for the great readings and activities!
    Real task-based learning! :)
    I've also done most of the assignments for the week (I still have to do the skype activity... "scary"!!!: & act. 5: i could not copy-paste the grid (the only thing that showed whren I tried to copy it was "link" .)
    What can I do, please?
    i managed to embed my podcasts (1st 2) but don't know how to change the settings in my blog & make sure each page has different posts.
    Have a great day / night!:)

  3. Hey Yuly happy to know Call Recorder worked in your MAC.=)

  4. Hi Mariel,
    Please, watch the tutorial again. You have to drag your mouse over the chart, copy and paste it just below the last chart in the Google doc.

    Mariel, for this week just embed the codes for your podcasts in the page My Podcast. Next week we are going to show you what you will add to the rest of the pages.

  5. Super tutorials! Not got round to the readings yet.
    Tried the editing on Audacity and uploaded to http://mamez.posterous.com/pages/my-podcasts

    PS: Miguel, there's Marie (mariehel) , and there's me (Mariel)

  6. Hi mariel & Miguel & everybody!
    Thanks for your help!
    I know: it's strange: it just does not work (I'll try again today): is there by any chance a button you can press on your keyboard to ciopy &² one to paste please because for a strange reason my mouse is not xorking on the google doc...

    Miguel, as you niotcied, all my posts are under all my pages: how can i make posts stay iunder only 1 page please?

    Have a great day!!!:)

    marie (helene) (aka mariehel)(sorry it's confusing!!!

  7. Hi Mariel...Sorry if I mixed up names..some of them are a bit similar=(

    Happy to know you like the tutorials.

  8. Mariel...let´s see...Can you give it a try using Google Chrome...If it doesn´t work let me know to see what to do...
    Next week we will work a bit more on your blogs, we will show you how to add info to your pages. You will not be posting that much since this blog will work as an e-portfolio to showcase what you have learned from this session.

  9. Hi Miguel!!!!
    You can call me "marie", it will be easier!!:)

    This is very strange... i'm using Google Chrome & also tried Mozilla but same thing: when I right-click it says "link" & when I do click it provides a link , no copy-paste options at all...
    could someone paste one for me please?

    thanks again!!!:)

  10. Hi Marie...Just added a chart for you...In "your name" I wrote : "Marie"...and the first row is pink...

  11. Great Marie...I can see you figured it out and pasted the chart in the Google Doc:)

  12. Problem solved!!! thanks a lot!!!!:)

  13. Marie, you are right. Right click with Chrome only gives you the link option, but keyboard shortcuts do work. IE, in contrast, does enable right click. ???

  14. Hi Miguel! Your tutorials are wonderful - so clear and easy to follow. I'm curious...Can you tell us how we can do that? What tools are needed? Or is that for another session? (Marcia)

  15. Hi Miguel,

    thanks for your quick replay.
    I just managed to get in touch with Mariel and we recorded our conversation with Skype. It really is a fantastic idea to connect with people on this course.
    There is jus one little problem. I don't know where my file went to. I opened up a particular folder where I wanted it to go, but it's not there. Do you have any idea how I can traci it?



  16. Dorothee...Check the tutorial again..I showed you there where the audio files are saved...Let me know, if you were able to find it...

  17. Hi...Here´s a picture you showing you where you can find the audio files. In the MP3 Skype Recorder window you will read something like: "Folder to store skype conversations". That "address" will tell you where your audio file has been saved. Here´s the picture: http://i1209.photobucket.com/albums/cc382/neruda1997/Sinttulo-1.png

  18. Hi Marcia,
    Well unfortunately we have no time for working with screencasts. It needs a session to learn how to use them and how we can integrate them into the classroom. For example, you can create How-To screencasts, but you can also use them for giving feedback, clarifying doubts, delivering part of a class, among other things...

  19. Great activities! Excellent tutorials!! I had a lot of fun!! Thanks!!

  20. This was a tough week for me but I learned a lot! Thanks!

  21. Thanks María Laura!!!!!!! Great Jeanne!!!!!!!!=)

  22. Hi you all : I am behind schedule but I´m trying to catch up with the activities. I think that Evelyn, José and Miguel deserve we do the activities they have carefully designed. Great course, great support, great tutorials. A lot to learn from your dedication. Thnxs once more..

  23. Dorothee, I had the same problem! The first interview I did has unfortunately disappeared due to Vista's Firewall blocking me from saving it where I wanted to and in fact, it probably failed to save the recording at all, even though it looked as if it was recording OK. I told it to save to the desktop and it didn't.
    However, I kept trying to record while chatting to my daughter via Skype and eventually the computer system asked me if I wanted it to continue blocking Skype. After I said "NOOOOO!!!!" it was just fine and behaved itself.
    This week has been very time consuming for me. But you know what, I can make podcast interviews now!!!! Annie

  24. Chris. Have you tried with Firefox or Google Chrome?